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Loop Phone Booths

A website redesign for an Edmonton-based office pod company.

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Loop Phone Booths



Loop creates custom, designer office pods and phone booths that can add privacy into an office or public space. They are offering unexpected design solutions for everyday workplace problems.

They came to us with the goal of showing how their booths differ from their competitors, and want to appeal to companies with an eye for design in their space.

What we did

We adapted Loop’s existing branding into a fresh, new website that emphasizes customizability, sustainability, and high quality materials. Addressing their desire to directly connect with their clients more, we re-structured the website to prioritize connecting through live product demos and using the product customizer tool that we built for them.

Loop Phones

With a product that focuses on design, a well-designed  and highly-functional website is an important asset.

Our goal was to create an easy to navigate, clean website that shows off Loop’s products in a way that would appeal to clients with a design eye. Many different industries can benefit from a private booth, so the design needed to appeal to a variety of audiences. 

Another key factor is the customizability of the booths. Clients can have a hand in choosing features and colours to suit their preference and needs. We developed a product customizer for this. Potential clients can design a booth to fit their space. This allows the client to see the product in their brand colours and to better visualize it before buying.

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