We build visual identities and strategies that help to tell thoughtful and engaging brand stories.

Sonder Creative Branding for Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute

Visual Identity

Your brand is so much more than your logo, colours, and typography. It’s about the message and tone that all of those elements combined relay about your company or business. It’s how you interact with your clients, customers, and users. We focus in on the important choices, relieving some of the heavy lifting and on-going decision making that comes with a growing brand. At the end of the process, you’ll be supported with a brand guidelines (or visual identity standards) document that helps produce consistent, on-brand designs.

Logo Design

Your logo is a small – but very important – piece of your brand. It is the introduction, and in some cases, it’s the only thing someone will see before engaging with your company. To be successful, your logo needs to fit into your overall identity and goals to work cohesively. When we design a logo, we ensure it fits with the greater plan of your brand and leaves a positive first impression on your audience.

Brand Asset Design

We can apply your visual identity (brand) to a variety of assets that help you communicate and tell your story. What the assets are depend on your needs and can be incorporated into an new or on-going brand project with us.

Brand Management

If we have created your brand or if you have a brand that may require a refresh, we can help you plan its execution. We will work with you to determine innovative ways to utilize your brand and incorporate it into your marketing efforts.

Positioning & Content Creation

It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. Words hold the power to elevate (or diminish) the integrity of your brand. Creating seamless copy that reads well, resonates with your audience, and remains authentic to your brand is a key component to making your company shine.


We have worked with many small businesses and organizations to help them with naming strategies. Having a memorable and marketable moniker is integral to the foundation of your brand. We will conduct a naming exercise to help uncover potential candidates for a name and present them along with their strategic advantages.

Positioning & Strategy

We will work with you to create a content strategy and develop strong positioning statements that can be used to set the tone for all content creation throughout your brand assets.

Writing & Editing

We understand the nuances behind constructing content and messaging that not only represents your brand, but represents it well. From verbiage on collateral to content creation on your website, we ensure all written content tells the unique story of your company and keeps your audience eager to turn the page.

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Branding Stationery

Uncovering what makes your business unqiue and sharing the important work you’re doing with the right voice.

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Website Development

Sonder Creative Website Development showing different screens

Building your site in a smart, functional way that works for you & your business.

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Support & Maintenance

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Keeping your site safe, secure, and up-to-date. On top of training, we provide you with support along the way.

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