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We put your best face forward online and help your customers get the information they need.

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User Experience

We approach every site aiming to inform and delight users with simple, easy to navigate experiences. We have a refined process and implementation plan that has proven to be successful time after time, project after project. We get to know your company and build out a site structure that works for your audience.

We like to examine all major functions of the site and provide designs for key pages that will inform the full design. These designs will be shared with you in a way that simulates real-world browsing and basic interaction.

A seamless design process

From kickoff to approval we ensure that you are along for the ride and are part of the process. We present our designs in a manner that simulates real world browsing so that you can rest assured that you know what you are getting before we touch a line of code.

Visual storytelling

It is important that the story you are telling with your content is backed up by an equally significant visual appeal. We make sites that look great and compliment your brand story. Your story should be told in an easy to understand and appealing way.

Bringing it all together

We are a small, close knit team that has strong communication between design and web development. We pour over every detail and check in on functionality requirements along the way to ensure that what we are designing will be executed faithfully by our development team.


We always build with inclusivity in mind. We want to ensure your website is accessible and bring a better experience to everyone. We have the responsibility to ensure that everyone has access to what we create regardless of ability, context, or situation. While ensuring accessibility may be a larger time investment, the payoff is substantial:

Accessible websites are SEO friendly by nature and show up better in search engines, reach more people through enabling all users to interact with them, usually faster and have better load times, encourage good coding practices, and are generally easier to use by the average person.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)

While creating accessible websites is always the goal, there are different level of accessibility that a site can meet. Sometimes there are specific regulations that require businesses to meet WCAG level 2 at a minimum.

Do you have a need to meet a minimum level of compliance? We can help you reach and maintain these goals.

See more about Accessibility

Content Creation

It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. It’s easy to list of your services and talk about what you do but creating seamless and crisp copy that reads well, resonates with your audience, and remains authentic to your brand is a key component to making your company shine.

From writing engaging statements to capture attention to creating copy for all of your pages, we ensure all written content tells the unique story of your company and keeps your audience eager to learn more.

Site structure & planning

All content needs a good structure. We begin our process by learning how your audience would best be introduced to your company and then determine the best way to convey that through the various pages of your website.

Website Copywriting

We can create all of the necessary content needed for an engaging user experience. Through collaboration with you, learning about your brand, and asking the right questions we will be able to create a compelling story for your users to invest in.

Content Editing

Do you prefer to write your content? Maybe it just needs to be rephrased or retold to match your brand language, or be streamlined and optimized for your website? We can work with you to ensure your existing content is easily understood by your users.

Added perks 🎉

Modern tools to help your organization stay on-brand.

We approach everything we do from a ‘branding’ angle. Being a branding company ourselves, we recognize the importance of staying consistent with how we communicate.

Building your website with Sonder means added value through tools that help your organization stay on-brand and up-to-date easily.

Digital brand guidlines

This gives you an editable digital guidelines document. It can be updated and evolve as your brand grows. Everyone on the team can have easy access to the most recent version, making sharing a breeze. While we still do love a traditional PDF for brand standards, we find it to be very beneficial for teams to have quick sharing and access to their brand standards and files.

Branded email signature generator

We offer a simple form that outputs a branded email signature to keep your communications on-brand across the whole team. It’s as easy as copying and pasting. No more hurdles to get the whole team on board and looking sharp.

Website style guide

Maintaining a consistent visual identity online is incredibly important. With each of our websites, we offer a style guide built right in. Coupled with our recorded training sessions, its easy to create new content or make changes to your website while still looking seamless.

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Branding Stationery

Uncovering what makes your business unqiue and sharing the important work you’re doing with the right voice.

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Website Development

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Building your site in a smart, functional way that works for you & your business.

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Support & Maintenance

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Keeping your site safe, secure, and up-to-date. On top of training, we provide you with support along the way.

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