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Mode Built

Refreshing the brand, language, and website for a local Edmonton contracting company to better share their high-quality, modern work.

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Mode Built came us to us with the desire to share their work in a better way. Their company was growing into more service areas, providing customers with the ability to complete full home renovations. Although the work they were doing was stunning – reshaping homes in functional living spaces for their clients – their existing website and brand lacked the updated, modern feeling they were leaving their clients with.

What we did

Our Edmonton web design and branding team started by rebuilding the visual identity for Mode to better reflect their work and values. This process also considered which language to use to capture their strategic positioning in the market. Our developers brought the web design to life, making it something functional, accessible, and attractive.

“Spaces for Life” became Mode’s tagline that highlights their core services and approach.

Mode’s focus is on remodelling existing spaces to create room for the type of living their customers want to experience at home. They do this with top quality work that lasts and considerate their customers’ experiences along the way, making sure they are at ease and in-the-know. The duality of “for life” helps emphasize the two important aspects of how they deliver their work to clients.

ModeBuilt Mobile Designs

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