Our Process

Here’s what you can expect working with us. Every project is unique, but there are a few key touch points along the way in our process.


Kick-off & Ideation

Every project begins with a kick-off meeting. We recognize that you are an expert in your own industry, and we like to hear about your needs and goals from your perspective. Likely, we’ve already discussed details of your project at this point, but the meeting and ideation sessions help us uncover the project goals at a deeper level. We’ll guide you through questions, share ideas, and discuss the big picture goals for you and your customers.

Planning + Strategy

Strategy, Positioning, and Content

Whether we’re working together on your brand, a new website, or both, we’ll spend some time laying the foundation for the design work. Here we’ll establish the right tone, which will inform the style of the design to come, the langugge we use, and how we’ll be representing your business.

If you’re in need of writing services or a content audit, we can begin the process with one of our talented external writers. This phase we’ll also start outlining the structure of your website.


Creating the functionality, look and feel, and overall experience

During design we’ll take all our ideas and direction from the first two phases, and begin creating the look, feel, and experience for your project. We’ll get your feedback along the way and work together to create a solution everyone is happy with. This is where you’ll see logo concepts, page designs, and more.

Application & Build

Developing with best practices in mind and making the concepts a reality

Once we’ve landed on your dream design, it gets put into action! Here we’ll start applying your new brand to any other assets you need, package up any guidelines and standards for your use or complete the build of your website.
We build our sites with accessibility and SEO in mind. You’ll get to see the built site and give it a final review before it goes live.

Quality Control & Testing

Making sure we check every box

Every website gets reviewed before we launch on your desired date. Together we’ll take time to go over the final product, make any tweaks we need and make sure it’s in tip-top shape for launch. We test your site on different browsers and devices for a consistent experience across platforms.


Sharing your new brand with customers or making your new website live

Time for the big reveal! Now that the project is 99.9% complete, the last step is to share it with your audience . We work with you to deteremine the best time to launch and take care of all the redirects and domain swapping.

On-going Support

Training, hosting, and keeping everything running smoothly

Not only do we love designing and building your project… but we also like to keep it looking sharp. After the launch of your new website or reveal of your new visual identity… we’re still here.

Our websites are all supported with hosting and maintenence, meaning you don’t have to worry about things like updates, security, etc. If something unexpected happens, we’ve got your back.

We also love to help grow and expand brands. New needs will arise as your business grows. You might want items such as business cards, packaging, or signage to show off your logo. We’ll help with all of that too.