We are a team of highly motivated website designers, developers, writers, and creatives. We get riled up when talking about good design and feel a genuine desire to fix things when we see something that isn’t working. We know the difference between visual noise and a campaign that people can connect with, and we love working with people who understand the importance of doing things the right way.

Our clients are not just a paycheque. We become trusted members of their external team. Our company is built around making connections and helping businesses achieve their goals. Our core list of clients keeps coming back because of our level of understanding and commitment.

Our approach

Our team has a design-first approach, meaning we don’t skip out on the importance of planning a thoughtful experience. For something to work well, we know it needs to be centred around real people and real motivations, whether that’s making a decision or gathering information. We will empower the people using your website or interacting with your brand by providing an exceptional and engaging experience.

At the end of the day, whatever we create with you is not only going to look great, it will function well and convert visitors to customers.

Meet the team

Sonder’s core team is comprised of creative professionals with a wide range of specializations and experience. Each team member is a master of their craft, allowing us to bring a wide range of expertise to your project while seamlessly creating one cohesive and polished result. We are driven by the success of our projects and the value we provide our clients.

Jeff headshot

Jeff Caron


Jeff is a MacEwan grad with over 17 years experience working as a director, designer, and developer in agency environments, as well as on in-house creative teams in large organizational settings.

Sophie headshot

Sophie Maisonneuve

Creative Director

With a Bachelor of Design degree from UAlberta, Sophie has tackled large government campaigns, creative solutions for not-for-profits, and web and branding for local businesses, always delivering thoughtful experiences.

Christine headshot

Christine Ward


Christine is a MacEwan grad with a passion for digital illustration and web design. She believes that design isn’t just about creating something pretty – it’s also about creating something functional and unique.

Terry headshot

Terry Bourgeois


Terry is focused on building robust and visually engaging experiences through WordPress, JavaScript and React. He believes that attention to detail is pivotal to delivering successful experiences.

Mariann headshot

Mariann Roberts

Writing & Communications Lead

Mariann is a storyteller with a desire to bring the world to life through meaningful and engaging content. With a focus on copywriting, communications, content creation, and brand messaging, she effectively creates communications for our clients at an in-depth, personalized level.

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