Support & Maintenance

Keeping your site safe, secure, and up-to-date. On top of training, we provide you with support along the way.

Sonder Creative Support and maintenence tablet and phone screens

Ongoing support

We approach every project aiming to inform and delight audiences and that doesn’t stop at your clients. Part of our offering is an efficient solution to manage requests and be available to help you take care of the assets we have created for you. Be it a website, a brand, or ongoing design needs, think of us as an extension of your internal team.

Recorded training sessions

If you have built a site with us, we will make sure you have the tools to use it. We supply each of our clients with a one-on-one training session and we record it for you to reference back to. If you have design needs or wish to discuss a new project, we make it easy to hop on a quick video call with screen sharing to efficiently understand your needs.

Brand support

In addition to the support you may need on your website, you may have ongoing brand and visual identity needs. For any brand we have created we offer ongoing support to build out the assets to support it’s growth.

Maintenance & hosting

Much like a vehicle, your website, needs to be well-maintained in order to keep running and functioning at its best. Websites need regular maintenance to prevent site breakdowns and security threats. If we designed and built your website, you’re already covered! Through our ongoing hosting and regular support, your site will be kept safe, secure, and up-to-date.

Managed hosting

We host all of our websites on a server that is tuned specifically for performance when it comes to Worpress sites. We take care off all of the confusing bits of managing a server, and make sure your website runs well and is taken care of.

WordPress & plugin updates

It is necessary to keep your site up to date with the latest version of WordPress, new plugin releases and to stay on top of important security updates. Without a team in place to take care of this, your site will become outdated and become at risk for issues related to hacking or file incompatibility. We have you covered!

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