Better for MEmbers

It had been a while since their previous site had launched and this offered an opportunity to incorporate some new technologies into the site that bettered the usability across the board, but especially for members.

Updating the membership experience, adding functionality, and automating processes on the ACE website is helping to better serve their members and bring added value to the ACE board.

ACE Safari 4
ACE Safari 1
ACE Safari 2

Each year a creative sponsor provides a new theme for the annual ACE Awards. The awards celebrate the creative work in the advertising industry in Edmonton.

We wanted the Awards website to adapt to the style of the new creative each year. The site’s main colour is able to change across the site to pair with the graphics provided for the annual theme. Sponsors now have the opportunity to creatively “take over” the Awards site.

ACE brings together a reputable community of creative professionals in Edmonton. Extending their updated brand, tone, and style through their new website is elevating the community and providing additional value to members by putting their best face forward.

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