Welcome to 2022! If the New Year has you thinking of a rebrand, you’ve come to the right place. Rebrands can often feel like a fresh start for your business. After the last couple of years, a fresh start is something we can all appreciate. Rebrands offer the opportunity for new growth and give a clear indication to your audience about your new, updated direction. However, rebrands require commitment and time from your organization, so it’s important to make sure everyone is fully on board before moving forward.

A brand is more than just your company’s name and logo. However, they are key representatives for your business, so it’s important to make sure they are strong ambassadors. You’ve probably noticed many company giants with new logos as they rebranded over the years, such as FacebookUberStarbucksDunkin’ DonutsWalmart, etc. Every brand needs an update over the years to stay relevant, even multi-billion-dollar ones. Is it time for your brand to consider an update? These might be some telltale signs: 

Your brand is evolving, growing, and changing  

Human beings evolve and change over time, the same is true for brands! As your company expands, you might outgrow aspects such as your original mission or objective. You may have introduced new products and services, or want to change the way you are perceived in an evolving societal climate. Growth and change are important for your business to keep connected with its audience and stay relevant with the times. If you’ve noticed your original goals or service offerings don’t align as strongly as they once did, you may be misrepresenting your company or missing out on potential business advancements. Don’t be afraid of letting your business evolve, growth is good! It shows the development of your business through new experiences, knowledge, understandings, and perspectives that weren’t available when you first started. If you feel your business may have outgrown its original brand, it may be time to consider a revamp or an entire rebrand altogether. Remember, your brand shows your audience who you are as a business. If your brand doesn’t align properly, are you relaying the right message? Chances are, probably not. 

Your brand looks/feels outdated

Trends change over time. What was once a fun and relevant colour palette and font back choice in 2002 may now feel out of touch. The longer your organization has existed, the greater chance it will need a revamp over time. Good design can make or break a business. It’s often the difference between showing your audience you deserve their business or pushing them in the opposite direction. Similar to the way people change their hairstyles or clothing over the years, the same is true for brands. Except, instead of perms and parachute pants, it’s logos and positioning statements. Keeping your brand looking and feeling relevant will show your audience you are a leader in your industry who leans into forward-thinking and innovation. It will also make you visually appealing, intriguing, and show a sense of relevancy and informativeness.  

Your brand seems similar to its competitors

If your brand looks like it would fit in with a room full of its competitors, you may want to consider changing it up. Your brand was probably innovative and fresh when you first started your business. But over the years, new companies have sprouted with similar ideas and now your brand is teetering on the line of generic. If you aren’t differentiating yourself from your competitors, you’re hurting your business. It’s important to connect with your audience uniquely and authentically. It provides a reason for them to choose you over another organization. Rebranding can help set you apart by showcasing what makes you unique, and why your audience should choose you over the other guy. 

Is it time for your company to rebrand? Only you can answer that. However, if any of our indicators above resonated with you (and if it’s on your mind in the first place), it might be worth considering. Rebranding can feel like a huge undertaking, but fearing the workload isn’t a good reason to keep your company from moving forward. If your business wants to continue to stay connected with its audience, the effort of a rebrand is worth it. If you need some assistance lightening the load, (or want to discuss if a rebrand is the right move) we’re here to help. We’ll take a look at your existing brand to determine what’s working and what could use an update. We’ve got your back. Let’s connect.