It’s not often that you get recognized for a local award, much less a national one! We are so excited to share that we have been given a Leader award for 2022 through This is a huge honour and a very rewarding thing for our whole team.

On top of this Leader Award we have also been recognized for ranking highly in a few other areas.

top branding company canada 2023
top web design company canada 2023

Truthfully, our whole team works incredibly hard on these specific services and it shows. We have focused so much on doing the right work and making our clients happy.

When we work on these projects, we don’t go in thinking “ooh, this is gonna make for a great award” and we honestly don’t spend enough time patting ourselves on the back. But these little boosts through things like Clutch are really great reminders that we are living our mantra of “doing good work for good people”.

Thanks to everyone who has reviewed us on there!