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Website Design

We specialize in website design for small to medium businesses. We know what it takes to create a strong lasting presence online that checks all the boxes for a potential customer or client when they are searching online. We are very good at distilling down your story into easily navigable web-based content that is good for your customers as well as search engines. Our designers are familiar with best practice on both the design and development fronts so when designing we are always asking the question ‘how will this be built and how will this be interpreted?’.

Content planning

Site Structure & Wire-framing

Layout creation

Mobile / responsive design

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WordPress Development

We primarily offer WordPress based websites as it is the leading CMS, by far, in our industry. We custom build to design specification and tailor the system to your needs. We never work with pre-bought themes. We want to give our clients the ability to work on a platform that is both familiar and transferrable. There is nothing worse than investing time and money into something that feels locked down to a system or a service provider.

Custom Built
Tailored to your needs
Easy to edit publish content
Search Engine Optimized
Fast Loading
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Hosting & Maintenence

We host and keep your site safe and updated. WordPress is an amazing platform but does require regular updates and maintenance to ensure security and to bring new features. So if we design and build your website there is no need to worry — we’ve got you covered!

Fast & Secure Hosting

Security & Plugin Updates

Nightly Backups

Ongoing Support

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UI/UX - Interface & Experience

We also offer user interface and experience design for larger projects. We are uniquely positioned to be a nice addition to your large web project. If you have a development team in place (or even if you don’t – we can help you find one) but you require a team to design out a cutting edge experience for you large scale website or application we can deliver.

Large Scale Website Design
Consulting on User Experience
Wireframe development
Functionality planning