This isn’t really news, we just haven’t formally announced it until now. Yes, Sonder has joined the ranks of many other significant service providers and made the switch to being fully remote.

This may hit you a couple of different ways. We are fully aware of the reactions that might come from this (believe us, we have had all of them ourselves). There are the “Oh no! Another one leaving the work place!” and “Wow really? How will you get anything done?” reactions, but also, the few of you that are on board and know the benefits: The “Oh! That makes total sense!” crowd.

Truthfully we have been doing this for over 2 years now and have seen countless benefits and productivity improvements. Yes, this is a good thing. In fact, it is a great thing, especially for our you.

Here is why:

  • Sonder is now MUCH faster at responding to client needs. Not only do we respond, we can have a face to face meeting about it in a jiffy (complete with screen sharing).
  • We have been operating in a fully digital space for years now, we are pros at it!
  • It has forced us to get really efficient about sharing assets (I mean has anyone used a zip drive in the last 10 years anyways?). Your files are provided in formats that are easily downloaded.
  • We use Zoom, a lot. It’s the best. In fact we have been to a few in-person meetings recently and we all felt like “wouldn’t it be handy if we could just look at the same screen without being crammed around this laptop? Should we start a Zoom meeting?”
  • Did you really want to drive into our office to have a quick chat?
  • Did you really want us to drive to your office to have a quick chat (and see the expense passed on to you in one way or another)?
  • Long gone are the days of everyone trying to figure out how to connect to the big conference screen!
  • Everyone is generally happier to be in our own spaces and can operate quickly and efficiently
  • We have the benefit of a lower overhead which helps us keep our pricing competitive

If you really miss seeing us in person, invite us out for coffee or wing night. We would love that (for real, some of us* are low-key addicted to hot wings).

* It’s me, Jeff, I’m the problem. It’s me.