Have you ever made a peanut butter & jam sandwich and after that first bite thought “There really isn’t a better combo…”.

That’s how we felt when we joined forces with Brighter Digital. They are the “J” in our PB&J. They do all of the complimentary ongoing services that we don’t. You’ll love them. We’ll introduce you!

Sonder Brighter Logos

We reached a point in our timeline where we had enough requests for ongoing SEO work and online marketing that we had to make a decision… “Do we get into that?” Being in the ‘web’ industry we have always known the benefits of supporting your site with a solid online strategy for search engines, social media, and online advertising. But also, we know our strengths and have always tried to stick to our guns as specialists when it comes to branding, web design, and development. We thought “We have these things nailed down. We have such an amazing process, does it make sense to try and expand to these other services?” We also had some pals that we had been working with for quite a while who had this specific need for ongoing marketing nailed down. It was a bit of an easy choice when Patrick of Brighter Digital approached us with the idea to bring our offerings together.

So here we are! A new and exciting partnership in front of us. Sonder setting up incredible brands with delightful user experiences online and Brighter Digital carrying the torch (so to say) and giving our wonderful clients the SEO support they need to develop our their businesses and organizations properly. We are also excited at the many clients we will be introduced to through the Brighter Digital team.

Needless to say, we are thrilled at the arrangement and extremely excited to see what will come of our new relationship.

If you are interested in learning more about Brighter Digital, you can visit them here.