We’re growing up as a studio and starting to take this whole thing a bit more seriously. I mean, we were serious before, but now we are REAL serious. Sonder had some humble beginnings, it was started by one person but is now becoming a collective effort. Sonder approaches every project as a team and we thought it would be fitting to tackle our own brand in the same way. We decided that we were due for an update and that it was a good way to test out the process that we have developed for our clients over the last two years. It also gave us the opportunity to all have ownership in the brand.


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Initiate Sonder 2.0!

We have abandoned a somewhat technical vibe for something that is more approachable and down to earth. We have built out some core values that we all share and have identified some things we are very good at. In this exercise we found out that one of the most important things to everyone on the team was this concept of being genuine. We have been shedding any vestigial pretensions that may be kicking around from operating in an industry that has a lot of them and employing a new approach to client interaction. It is important to us that we find the easiest and most efficient route to solving problems for our clients and real conversations are the quickest way there.

So, the new look, the new language, this is us. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance!

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