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Biodiversity Pathways

Biodiversity Pathways works collaboratively to develop and implement science-based monitoring programs that provide relevant, accessible information to support decision-making. By collecting rigorous data on species, their habitats, and human footprint, we can support informed land-use planning and resource management.

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Biodiversity Pathways & Wildlife Science Centre



One of our long-time clients (ABMI) approached us with a potential new subsidiary company that would help them to collaborate easier with national organizations. It was to be a not-for-profit that operates at arm’s length from government and industry, providing information that is both objective and unbiased. They just didn’t know what to call it, how it should be perceived from a brand perspective, and it needed a place to live online.

What we did

We worked with a team of individuals from across various institutions that had come together to advise and manage the initiative. We took their incredibly valuable direction and feedback and applied it to a name for both the main organization and one of it’s offshoots (Wildlife Science Centre). We created a consistent pattern for the visual identity that can be expanded upon as other related offshoots came to fruition and designed out a branded online experience for each identity.

Biodiversity Pathways Mobile Designs

It was important to use to set up a system of tools for both brand and websites that allowed these brands to grow and evolve naturally.

We had to create systems within the brand thay could be flexible enough to take on new shapes and meaning while still feeling like a part of a larger system. They also had to be able to exist as their own entities, while being able to work together.

Similarly with the websites, they both have their own distinct message and functionality but yet when experienced together through mentions and links, they feel like a collaborative system.

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