Our Work

Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute

An updated brand to elevate the institute’s image and help portray how research focused, innovative, and impactful their work is to Alberta.

Branding Stationery


Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute



The ABMI logo reflects natural elements in our Alberta landscape, and the integration and impact of society on these areas. This mark reflects how these various aspects work together in a greater picture – which connects to the information that ABMI researches and gathers for our province. The goal of this redesign was to incorporate some aspects from their previous mark to help with familiarity but to refine and update their appearance.

What we did

As a large organization, ABMI requires a flexible and dynamic brand. They are multi-faceted, encompassing a wide range of expertise. Their brand needs to speak to their different areas of service and research, and connect with multiple audiences. We took their existing materials along with some new assets and brought everything under a unified standard.

ABMI Postcard

Through a combination of photography, graphics, and pattern their updated visual systems allows for creative approaches to communication.

Whether it be playful, exciting, and intriguing to captivate or professional, factual, and serious to effectively share pertinent information. ABMI can present themselves however they need. A cohesive visual language allows them to stay on-brand and unified, no matter their approach.

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