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This is a great example of a not-so-typical brand situation. True Toke came to us with a logo created on one of those sites where you pay a fee and 100 designers throw concepts at you and you pick one.

The problem with these sites, is that 9 times out of 10 you get something with about as much thought put in as you paid for. We had to up the ante on this mark before we could put it out into the world. We utilized an existing concept then simplified, refined, and re-imagined. The end result had a heightened elegance and matched the companies goals for its products.

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Expanding on the newly designed logo, we had to build out a full brand platform that just oozed luxury. The consistent gold and black coupled with high contrast dark and light treatments gave us a platform to showcase some stunning product photography. Highly detailed shots of their high-end products on stark white backgrounds created a showroom feel, online.

Next we had to expand the brand into their product line. We tried to be very consistent with all applications so that when a customer picked up a True Toke product they would know immediately that it was part of the greater family of luxury products.

TrueToke Accessories

The mobile capabilities and SEO optimization already baked in to Shopify helped us make a smooth transition with the websites responsive structure. We were able to allow the brand to really drive the experience on this site and no matter the device you get a truly elegant experience.

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