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Going out on your own is a tough and scary process. The primary tenants at co-work spaces are small teams and solo entrepreneurs looking for a safe place to start their journey. We naturally leaned toward the concept of leaving the nest (and getting your own) as strong visual metaphors. Finally, we chose to wrap our stylized sparrow in a way that implied the comforts of being at home in your space.

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When we began this process the concept was still in the early stages. Some spaces were not yet activated, some buildings were still in development. We had to generate interest and awareness so we built a home for this concept to grow and evolve. We gave Sparrow Spaces a site that can expand over time to fit with their growing infrastructure. We expect big things from this company, and big adaptations to their site over time.

As always we had to make sure we made things as accessible as possible. Access to this site on-the-go was so important given the fact that the people interested were often performing searches on their phones. If you are in the market for a space, you most likely don’t have a quiet place to sit and invest in this information on your desktop.

Expanding the brand into its digital assets we developed an illustration style that helps ensure that just because we mean business we don’t have to be stuffy and boring. Venturing out on your own and expanding into a new space are both exciting and exhilarating. If you cant find enjoyment in what you are doing what is the point?

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