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Pyxis Solutions uses a people-first approach to resolving debt. They focus on providing guidance and support to help clients navigate their way out of debt and find financial freedom – hence the name “Pyxis.” We wanted a unique but straightforward and memorable name that reflects the company’s values. Pyxis is the Latin name for a constellation of a mariners compass, providing both direction and guidance. Pyxis is positioned as a guiding light for its clients during potentially dark times.

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We strived to create a visual system that told the story of Pyxis Solutions, embodying their principles of empathy, respect, and focus on each client. The website functions as a tool to help clients understand who Pyxis is, what they do, and how they can work together to find a way out of debt. The website is often the client’s first touchpoint with Pyxis, making it imperative that the right message is portrayed from the start of their journey together.

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