Plum Logo

The Plum wordmark is shared by all 3 facets of the business: Plum Home – a beautifully curated home goods store, Plum Design – interior design services, and Plum Apartment –  boutique shopping and planning experiences. We updated the existing Plum mark with a custom, fresh take on a wedge serif typeface, making the mark uniquely their own. The mark embodies their thoughtful and tailored approach to design with its character and refined aesthetic.

Plum Design Logo
Plum Home Logo
Plum Apt Logo
Plum Home Monogram

The visual identity system required logos for all 3 areas of the business, including custom monogram symbols for each area of Plum. We provided multiple logo orientations for use in-store, on windows, tags, packaging and so much more. 

Plum Browser 2
Plum Safari 3
Plum Browser 1

The refresh of the Plum brand also came with a new website design. We updated and integrated the 3 sites to easily flow between one another and offer a seamless experience for those requiring multiple Plum services. 

Overall the new packaging, signage, and important brand assets such as their websites help champion Plum’s goals – providing thoughtful and beautifully crafted experiences and design. Their new look matches their philosophy, and we agree, let’s all try to love the spaces we live in. 

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