Over the months of working with Koios, we knew that creating a visually consistent and engaging look would help create a really strong brand to keep building on. From various print and web assets to the design of the packaging, we created a system so that there was a familiarity across all facets of the brand. 

KoiosMagazine 1

Fit Soda, is a sub-brand of Koios. They came to us with an existing initial brand for the product but we had an opportunity to refine, expand, and illustrate a visual system that would allow them to expand and grow as this product launches.  

FitSoda Cherry 1
FitSoda Orange
FitSoda Citrus
FitSoda RootBeer

For Fit Soda, The illustrations become the main focal point of the design that really help enforce the flavour of the drink. We wanted to make sure that the illustrations to have a consistent look and feel across the board while also having a mouth-watering appeal to each flavour. 

FitSoda Cherry
FitSoda Creamsickle
FitSoda LemonLime
FitSoda RootBeerFloat

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