Logo CatFest

We got to sink our claws into this one and ended up having the the most fun we paw-sibly could working on a brand. Linda Hoang, our client for this project, would be proud of our cat-pun usage.

We knew it needed to be hand drawn – we loved the look of the cardboard scratching post typography, combined with a custom, in-house illustration. And the cat definitely had to be fluffy and orange. His name is Buster, by the way.

Logo CatFest NoCat 01
Logo CatFest Cat 01 2
Logo CatFest Paw 01
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We got to try out some new tools on this site. Combining our usual assortment of essential WordPress plugins with an easy-to-use page builder means it’s easy for the Cat Fest team to keep updated. It was a quick turn around with some really great results! Now festival attendees have a polished and efficient destination to buy this year’s tickets!

As always we had to make sure we made things as accessible as paw-ssible. The previous site was built on a theme that got a little out of hand (as un-managed WordPress sites tend to). The mobile experience was pretty tough to navigate, too. Now, with screen sizes in mind, all of the site’s functions are easily navigable on any device.

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