It was important that this new site could speak to the unique and tailored experience you receive when you travel with Dorosh Heritage Tours. The look we landed on pairs textures, shapes and imagery that evoke a personal tone. One that is deeply in-touch with the culture and historical nature of these tours. This isn’t just another travel site. This is an experience that has to be told through images of family reconnecting and heartfelt stories.

When we first met with Andriy at Dorosh Heritage Tours, it was clear that he had built a very trustworthy business.

The clients we spoke with could not say enough about how they would go the extra mile to make the journey feel special. This message, along with the sincerity and passion with which they approach each tour is evident in the new look. Through use of real imagery mixed with photographs that are rooted in the culture and history of the region we attempted to give a glimpse into the connections that can be made on these tours, to your family and its past.

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