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The plan was – Let’s make a one-stop-shop for cannabis information in Canada. Perhaps as a little play on the well known Trip Advisor (too bad that name is taken… fitting, no?). Cannabis Advisor lets you learn about different strains, the positive and negative effects, and the flavours available, while helping you find dispensaries and clinics near you.

Our brand approach was to give the resource an official feel, and the sense that this is now something we can talk openly about.

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Cannabis Advisor offers a lot of information about cannabis and its related topics that will be useful for people seeking topical information as this budding (lol) industry takes off.

The task was to organize this information in an easy-to-understand manner while providing as much valuable information as possible. Directory websites are not a new thing, but with the added complexity of 2500+ strains and their detailed reviews, things could have gotten pretty hazy. Good thing we’re not green when it comes to making sense out of complex user interfaces.

Of course a site like this would need to be accessible on the go. If you are on the hunt for the closest dispensary you may already be out and about. Everything is easy to access from any device and you can find all your local providers wherever you are in your day.

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