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Borders Law Firm is expanding, with a greater focus on business immigration. It was an ideal time to update one of their biggest tools, their website, and refresh their brand and overall look. Our goal was to better convey their professionalism and the high level of care and attention they put into working with each client. The logo emphasizes connection through the dynamic, intersecting pathways forming the monogrammed “B.” Overall, updating the appearance of the brand helps convey a current, approachable, and sophisticated tone – matching the level of work and professionalism they bring to the table.

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The firm’s website is one of its biggest and most impactful brand assets, providing clients with important information on their immigration journey. The site needed to be easy to navigate so viewers could find the right information when they need it. 

We carried the tone and visual style from the rebrand into the website and across all materials that reflect Borders Law Firm and the wonderful work they do. Conveying the right message and tone helps clients understand who they are working with and the type of care and help they will receive.

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