Bioenterprise needed its website to better serve existing members while communicating its offerings to potential members. It needed to effectively share what they do and the importance of the agri-tech industry. Going one step further, one of our main goals was to upgrade the membership platform. The platform was key in providing members with easy access to their perks and benefits so they could fully utilize their membership. Of course, this also means creating a responsive website that’s accessible across all screen sizes.

Bioenterprise Website 3
Bioenterprise Website 1
Bioenterprise Website 4

The new site better communicates the “who” and “what” of Bioenterprise while providing a new direction for its brand aesthetic. We leveraged existing colours and their logo to help define a unique look, modernizing their tone. We expanded this style into print materials, such as the annual report shown above.

 If you’re involved in the food or agri-tech industry, check out Bioenterprise – they’re up to some pretty neat work. 

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