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Together, we worked with A Safe Place to create a welcoming and approachable brand that focuses on the opportunity for change, growth, and transformation. It was important not to diminish the seriousness of the work they do nor the hardships and challenges faced by their clients. We strived to position A Safe Place as exactly that – a safe place to go when you’re in need. A place where support, care, and understanding are offered to work towards a better future.

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We worked closely with a team of experts at A Safe Place to find a visual style, tone, and language that supported the shelter’s goals. This was brought to life through a new logo and brand, and other important resources such as their website.

A Safe Place’s website provides critical information and support for those dealing with domestic abuse. Features such as a “Safe Exit” focused on the needs of the shelter’s clients and made those needs a priority. Prominence was also placed on accessible contact information and emergency lines.

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