Christine may be new to the industry this ain’t her first rodeo. She spent her first year out of school sluggin’ away in the freelance world and was doing well untill we snapped her up. While this isn’t news to us, we thought it would be great to share that last year we welcomed her to our team!

Christine is a recent grad from the Design Studies program at MacEwan University and has hit the ground running with an interest in developing her existing skills and expanding into interface design. She brings an extra amount of fun to the office, is super chill and really easy to talk to and has a passion for learning. She believes that design is a process that isn’t just about creating something pretty – it’s about creating something that is both functional and unique.

Chances are she will have a hand in your next project with Sonder. Now that she has an official blog post on the site we are sure the fame and glory will make it difficult to not ask for an autograph in our next meeting.

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