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Logo Design

Your logo is just a small piece of your brand system but it is often the first thing people think of when they start talking about their brand. It is the introduction to your brand and in some cases it is the only thing someone will see before engaging with your company. It has to fit into your visual identity and work with all other parts of the system. When we design a logo, we take care to ensure it fits in the greater plan that is in place for your brand.

Logo creation

Logo adjustment

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Visual Identity

This is where everything comes together. Your logo, the colours, imagery, typography and general design aesthetic all play a part in your visual identity. We make sound decisions that will enable you and other services providers to work with your brand in an efficient and effective manner. We will help remove some of the decisions making involved with producing brand assets as your company grows.

Fonts and Typography
Photography selection
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Brand Assets

So you have a logo and a visual identity, now what? Now we apply them to a variety of assets that help you communicate and tell your story. These assets range widely 

Content planning

Site Structure & Wire-framing

Website design

Front End development

WordPress Development

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Brand Management

At our core, we are really a branding company that specializes in online execution. Your website is only a part of a greater system – your brand. Similar to the inner workings of a machine, if there are parts of your brand that are not functioning properly the overall experience can be tarnished. We often engage with clients on a greater level and take a look at the big picture. Whether that means building a new brand from scratch or working within the confines of an existing brand, we like to make sure all the pieces fit together and that everything is working at full capacity!

Logo Design
Print and Brand Assets
Presentation Materials
Brand Management