A tagline that we had somewhere on our previous website has always stuck with me every time I was in there updating content. “The little things make the big things great.” I am not sure if that was adopted from somewhere else, but it has floated around in my brain over the last couple years as something that was flagged *important.

This statement really sums up our motivations and why we do what we do. All of the small details surrounding a project, from the microscopic to the mountainous all lead to an end goal. We, as designers and developers get immense satisfaction out of what makes things tick. Being creators, allows us to guide the growth of all these little elements into big concepts, functioning websites and design that resonates. It’s as if we realize as we are on the path, that we have tapped into something that will bring great satisfaction in the end to both us, “the creator”, and them the “audience”.

It’s almost like waiting for Christmas, or your wedding, or a vacation. There is a joy that comes from the planning, packing, primping, wrapping (whatever). That’s every day for us. It’s why we wake up and come in at 7am and slam a coffee to make sure our brains are primed for what lays ahead. We want to ‘knock if out of the park’ (as we often hear from clients) because the act of doing that is so satisfying.

This joy applies to all aspects of running our small business. It isn’t just the act of creation that gives those amazing ‘small part of a big thing’ vibes. It is the feeling you get after a good interaction with a client in a meeting, it is doing your book keeping at the end of the month and feeling fresh and ready to take on more work. It is the satisfaction of meeting a need and solving a problem.

We truly are in one of the most interesting and exciting fields and every day is crazy. I think these things can apply to any career / any industry if you approach your day like you are going to solve a problem. I saw a movie recently, that quoted an interaction John F Kennedy had with a janitor at Nasa.. When he asked him what he did there he responded “I’m helping put a man on the moon!”. As much as I know this reference is probably beaten to death these days and might not have even happened. But OOH boy the idea behind it is great. Every mundane action in your day is ultimately contributing to something greater. Unless you are are sprawled out on the couch covered in cheeto dust watching old re-runs of Friends. Nothing wrong with that, we all are that guy/gal at least once a week, but maybe you aren’t contributing at that EXACT moment.