Website design & development

Your website is the first engagement someone has with your company. We understand how important this is, which is why we're dedicated to designing thoughtful and intuitive online experiences.

We Build Websites

Branding & logo design

Any interaction you have kicks off with the ever-critical first impression. Let’s tell your unique story in a way that will make the first “hello” unforgettable.

We Build Brands

Wait a minute…

Isn’t my website part of my brand?!

You bet! Your website is an essential part of your brand. At Sonder, we look at the big picture when we work with our clients. So, whether you have an established brand or are still in the early stages, the work we do together will consider the full spectrum of what your business or project needs.

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Sonder is one of the top rated companies in Edmonton and across Alberta. We're proud to make our clients happy and deliver outstanding brands and websites.